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Garmin Vector Is Here


New Garmin Vector S Pedals

Are In Stock NOW!

only $899.99

Measure where it matters with the Vector™ power meter from Garmin. Vector is the first pedal-based power meter that independently measures your left/right balance and other power metrics and features ANT+™ wireless technology. Vector is easy to buy, install and update, without taking it back to the shop. It measures cadence and total power. Vector wirelessly transmits the data for display on compatible Edge® cycling computers, Forerunner® multisport watches or other ANT+™ enabled head units. Complete the suite with post-ride analysis, route planning, free training plans and data sharing at Garmin Connect™.

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As a small token of our gratitude Bicycle Link is offering a

 10% discount

on any purchases to active duty military.


We Are Your 
Bicycle Repair Headquarters

We're Service Professionals! 

Now is the time to get your bike tuned up.  

Do not wait only to have to wait.  Beat the spring rush and get your repairs done now.

We've got the special bicycle tools and parts you need for every repair. And, if you're just not sure what to do next, don't have time to do your own work, or would like one of our experts to fine-tune your machine, our technicians will gladly help with any bike repair project. Call or stop by and we'll be happy to help!

Trek Bicycles Are Growth-Spurt Friendly!

Children's bikes are a Trek specialty!
Trek's children's bikes feature their Dialed Fit components, so your little one's bike grows with him. Try one of our growth-spurt friendly Treks today! 

Today's Tip

Stop Watch - Don't forget to regularly check your brake pads. Look at the surfaces. When new, most pads have grooves in them. When these grooves start to disappear, it's a sign to replace the pads. Depending on the design some are easily replaced, others require tools and know-how. We're happy to advise if you have questions.

Feature Items

Trek Pure Lowstep - Women's
Trek Pure Lowstep - Women's - 2015
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (62 Reviews)
Trek MT 60 - Girls
Trek MT 60 - Girls - 2015
Trek Mt. Track 200 - Girl's
Trek Mt. Track 200 - Girl's - 2015
Trek Mystic 16
Trek Mystic 16 - 2014
Product Rating
4.5 stars
 (17 Reviews)
Trek MT 201
Trek MT 201 - 2015
Trek Jet 12
Trek Jet 12 - 2014
Product Rating
4.5 stars
 (20 Reviews)
Trek 820
Trek 820 - 2014
Product Rating
4.5 stars
 (205 Reviews)
Trek Jet 16
Trek Jet 16 - 2014
Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (28 Reviews)
Trek Mt. Track 220 -Boys
Trek Mt. Track 220 -Boys - 2015
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Trek 8.3 DS (Gary Fisher Collection)
Trek 8.3 DS (Gary Fisher Collection) - 2013
Product Rating
4.5 stars
 (12 Reviews)
Trek MT 60 - Boys
Trek MT 60 - Boys - 2015
Trek 820 WSD
Trek 820 WSD - 2014
Product Rating
4.5 stars
 (6 Reviews)